I live in Yuma, AZ and I seriously take the time to drive four hours to Ontario because I love this place so much. Between my husband and I, we have taken a total of 4 cars here and they have NEVER let us down. They always work with our schedule knowing we have to do serious planning before traveling out there and they truly do a phenomenal job every time. For them always taking the time to perfect the job, I would say this place is a bargain! They have been in business for a very long time and offer lifetime warranties for anything that goes wrong with your tint. Which I think it's just added for extra ease of mind because we have yet to find anything go wrong with it (bubbling, scratches, fading).

Kent, thank you for perfecting our vehicles, as I have heard way too many horror stories of other companies having tint turn purple or getting bubbles causing it to tear. You are awesome at what you do!

Mika, Yuma AZ