I recently got my truck tinted by a stereo shop that I will not mention; they claimed to have a warranty and that the film would not bubble, peel, fade, turn purple, etc. I was kind of hesitant to get it done for such a super low price, but went ahead with the process anyways. From afar the car windows looked fine, but up close there were tons of tiny dust particles in between the window and the film. The company refused to redo the work and said that it wouldn't get much better anywhere else and that I would have to just deal with it. Completely unsatisfied, I left the shop and decided to put up with the dirt in the windows for the time being. 6 months after getting it tinted, I had no choice but to find another tint shop to completely redo the work since the tint had completely faded to clear!! I couldn't believe my eyes as the film quickly faded within such a short period of time!

After talking to a few friends about their window tint, I decided to go ahead and call Tint Masters; the price was extremely reasonable and the owner showed me the warranty card from 3M and the tiny 3M emblems on the film before he began to work on the car… I felt confident in the service I was about to receive and was ecstatic to find windows with no dust when I returned to pick up my truck!! With clean, tinted windows and warranty card in hand, I left Tint Masters more than impressed and secure in my decision! Only wish I would have found them before being scammed!

Mark Diaz, Impressed by the Knowledge and Professionalism at Tint Masters