Since my parents have taken all of their vehicles to Tint Masters since I was a little kid, I knew that was where I would be taking my first car and every car from there on out. We made it a family affair and took my first car there the day I turned 16; I knew what to expect and couldn't wait to get my car back with some added style and much needed heat and UV reduction! All of my friends complimented the sleek look created by the tint and of course I immediately told them to go to Tint Masters when they got their cars! 16 years later, I just got my 5th car completed and am just as impressed and excited with how my car looks and feels once the windows are tinted! In a few short years I am know that I will be taking my eldest child to Tint Masters when they get their first car at age 16… Can't wait to start a third generation of loyal customers at Tint Masters!

Chris Nielson , 2nd Generation Satisfied Customer

When I got my car tinted I wanted to make sure that the job that would be done would be of high quality and that it would be durable and long lasting. The owner Kent was very kind and worked with me to ensure that I would be happy with the results. After seeing what an excellent job Kent did for my car, I referred multiple family members and friends to have their tint done with Tint Masters. I had the tint installed on my ‘05 Honda Civic when the car was brand new. Six years later I paid off the car and my tint still looks as good as new. I know when using Tint Masters my tint will never bubble or turn purple! For any customer looking for a great tint job, I refer you to Kent and the Tint Masters shop.

Cassandra Beck, Satisfied Customer for Over 6 Years

I have known Kent for many years and have had all my cars tinted by him. When my daughter started driving, her car had no air-conditioning; I knew I needed to take it to Tint Masters. With the quality of film that they use and the integrity Kent has, I knew my daughter's car would look great and have a warranty that I trust. After years of excellent service, I will continue to take all my vehicles to Tint Masters and refer anyone who is in need of tint!

Cheryl LaJoie, Satisfied Customer for Over 25 Years