Dedicated Auto Window Tint Specialists

Dedicated Auto Window Tint Specialists...The proof is in the picture!

At a Dedicated Auto Window Tint Shop, Cleanliness is the Key to Perfection!

At Tint Masters, you are working with dedicated auto window tint specialists and as a result, perfection is the only thing that leaves this shop.  So you may be wondering why it is so important to select a shop that strictly deals in window tint, versus a place that is a one-stop-shop for any and all car modifications... Well, the reason for this is pretty simple, and it can easily be seen in the above photo.  Every aspect of our shop is designed to meet the needs for a clean installation, each and every time.  From the clean floors, to the pressurized water pump system, to the special AC unit that keeps the air from circulating dirt and debris, we ensure that your vehicle is being serviced in an environment that is conducive for window tinting.  When you go to a one-stop-shop that provides other auto services, you risk your vehicle being tinted in an environment that is less than ideal for ensuring top quality work.  Whether is be the dirt that's floating around from the vehicle next to yours that is being detailed, or just a general lack of expertise from the installer who only does window tint on the side, why risk wasting your money on an inferior installation, in a place that doesn't specialize in the service you are paying for? We say don't risk being anything but satisfied and give us a call today... We would love to show you first-hand, what working with dedicated auto window tint specialists looks, and feels like!

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