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Tint Removal – DON’T D.I.Y.!

D.I.Y. Tint Removal Gone Bad! [caption id="attachment_2865" align="aligncenter" width="320"] Prior to removal, this window will be near impossible to see out of. By the looks of the film, this removal will be very difficult, coming off in lots of tiny pieces, leaving all the adhesive behind, versus one clean piece.[/caption] [caption id="attachment_2864" align="aligncenter" width="1066"] Difficult…
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Bubbled Tint: What Causes It and How We Can Help

Say NO to Bubbled Tint

Say NO to Bubbled Tint, and YES to Safety!

We've all seen it, and these days, it's not just limited to old beat-up cars either... What are we talking about? That nasty looking, purple, peeling, and bubbled tint! It used to be that you would only see older cars, that have been through years of the Southern California sun, showing this clear sign of wear and tear on their vehicle. However, nowadays, thanks to cheap, poorly made excuses for window film, we see cars that are only a year old with this same hideous, and DANGEROUS, problem. Not only is this an unsightly eyesore, it is a driving hazard that can be easily avoided by selecting a quality film. Many people think that the defroster is the cause of the rear window bubbling, but that is not the case. Simply stated, the cause is cheap tint. ┬áIf you are considering tinting your vehicle, don't go with the cheapest price, because that old saying, "You get what you pay for!" Couldn't be more true with this purchase. (Now don't go with the most expensive shop either; go with the shop that offers the best product and quality, for the best price... PS, that just so happens to be us ­čÖé Go ahead, call all of the other 3M Dealers in the area and compare prices. I promise you have found the fairest price for top of the line work out there!) 3M Window Films have a manufacture lifetime warranty┬áthat covers this exact problem; so in the very unlikely event your tint starts to go bad, ANY Authorized 3M Dealer can replace the film for you, FREE of charge. Just present your original receipt and 3M Warranty card, and easily avoid the dangers associated with not being able to see through defective tint, and keep your ride looking, and feeling, great!