Tint: 3M Color Stable Series

Toyota Tacoma Tint

Toyota Tacoma Tint: 3M Color Stable installed over factory tinted glass.

This Toyota Tacoma was tinted with our most popular film, 3M Color Stable. The customer opted to install the same shade of tint all the way around, thus achieving a lighter appearance on the front doors, and a darker appearance on the rear section. You might be wondering how that is possible if they used the same tint on all of the windows... It is because we installed the film over the existing factory tinted glass on the rear section, and the clear glass on the front two doors (most trucks, vans, and SUV's are purchased with an existing factory tint that generally runs about 25% in darkness on the rear section of the vehicle).  So, whether you are seeking an appearance similar to the tint above, or you prefer the windows to be the same all the way around, we've got you covered... Just tell us your preferences, and we will help walk your through the tint selection process to achieve the custom look you desire! Check out some of the other vehicles we have transformed here.

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