Preparing the Glass for Tint Installation

Preparing for Tint Installation

Preparing for Tint Installation - Martin begins to spray the interior of the rear window with the simple cleaning solution.

Preparing for Tint Installation

Preparing for Tint Installation - Martin now uses a soft scrub pad to ensure the window is free from any dirt and debris prior to tint installation.

Many people have questions about the process of tinting. Most often the questions are in regards to how we prepare the glass for installation.  First off, the tint is installed on the interior of the glass, and to ensure that we get a clean installation each and every time, we must thoroughly clean, both the interior, and exterior of the window prior to install.  You may now be left wondering why we must clean the outside of the glass if we install the tint on the inside... Well that's an excellent question! While the tint is in fact installed inside, we measure and shrink the film to fit the glass from the exterior, and then transfer it to the interior.  As a result, the tint will come in contact with both sides of the glass, resulting in the need for both interior and exterior to be spotless.  You may now be wondering what we use to clean the windows on your vehicle, and that is nothing more than a simple dish soap and water solution. We use a pressurized water pump system to apply the simple cleaning solution, and then proceed to clean every square inch of the glass, paying extra attention to  areas where we had to remove stickers (i.e. the warning stickers that come on the doors of brand new vehicles).  So while you may be tempted to clean your vehicle prior to brining your car in for service at our shop, we merely ask that your please clean out the interior of the vehicle so that our installers can easily climb in and out during the tint installation process. Also, if there is an excessive amount of dirt, debris, or pet hair, we ask that you vacuum it prior to dropping it off, as this creates a less than ideal tinting environment in which there is an increased probability of debris circulating in the air as we install the tint. You can wash your vehicle by hand, or take it through an automated machine wash immediately following service, just be sure that you do NOT touch the interior of the glass for at least a week. As a result, we do not recommend taking it to a full-service wash until the windows are completely dry and can be cleaned on the interior (please confirm dry times with the shop upon time of installation as they vary depending on the weather).

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