Weather: How Does it Effect the Tinting Process?

Most people assume that certain whether is better to get their windows tinted in than other; thus making summer our busy season, while things die down in winter. However, while much of the drive to get vehicles tinted in summer is due to the scorching sun here in Southern California, thus driving the demand for auto window tint sky high, getting your auto windows tinted in the winter definitely has it's benefits!

The only real effect that weather has on the tinting process is in regards to "dry time," or more simply, the number of days until you can roll your windows down.  During the hot summer days in So Cal, we instruct our customers to wait until the following afternoon to roll their windows down (roughly 24 to 30 hours after the install).  During the cold winter months, we instruct our customers to wait an average of 3 days before rolling their windows down, thus giving the film plenty of time to dry, thus avoiding any possible peeling from the bottom edge of the glass.

So while most people are scrambling to get their windows tinted at the first sign of a temperature increase, you can beat crowds, and more importantly the heat, by getting your vehicle tinted in the dead of winter.  Lastly, we do not close shop in the rain, so if you don't want to wait to get on the schedule during our busy season, call us at the first sign of rain, and more likely than not we can get you in same day, or next day.

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